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Basement Remodeling Ideas

Remodeling an unfinished or finished basement is a fantastic way to add space, value and comfort to your most precious investment, your home. Basements and terrace levels are ideal for in-law suites, or for casual social activities for the whole family; a game room just for the kids, a craft room for the girls, or a man-cave just for the guys. It’s the perfect spot for the big screen or projector TV, pool table, and to manage both video or board games.

Here are 7 tips to get you started on choosing the finished basement of your dreams:

"Basement remodeling is the perfect place to add much needed square footage as your family grows, or is the perfect place for entertaining."

Eric Rafalik, Owner/Partner

Create The Space To Feel Like Home

Whether your basement is raw and unfinished, or completely finished but in need of an update, it’s important to remember that this space needs to be inviting for you, your family and guests. It’s a great idea to keep the theme of your house running through your basement. Choose similar, comfortable furnishings reflecting what you already have in your house. Get furniture that easily accommodates guests, but still works within the space. Include the amenities that fit the room you want, like surround sound systems, proper lighting and internet/wifi connections and finish the space with décor that appeals to those who will use it most.

Cater To Both Your Wants and Needs

Do you fight with family members for the use of the bathroom(s) in your home? Do your house-guests sleep on couches or air mattresses when they spend the night? Do you hate having to run upstairs to the kitchen when hosting a game-time get together? If so, include a spare bedroom and full or half bath or a wet-bar or kitchenette in your basement remodel. Space permitting, the inclusion of addition living accommodations can be just what you need to give your teenager some space, or your visiting in-laws.

Install A Safe, Attractive Staircase

You already have a set of stairs that lead to the basement, but no one ever said you couldn’t add a little style while still providing a necessary function. Try installing a floating or winding staircase. Add in a landing or two to add levels and depth to the room. Just be sure that whatever type of staircase you decide to go with is compliant with building and safety codes; this is where a licensed contractor can help.

Update Windows and Doors

It’s sometime easy to forget the existing windows and doors can also be upgraded and added to if you so desire. Adding or enlarging basement windows and exterior doors will add natural light and ventilation and can significantly increase your enjoyment of this living space. These features can also work in conjunction with outdoor renovations to provide a shared space for gatherings.

Finish the Basement Walls and Ceilings.

The best height and location for a microwave oven depends on the chef and the degree of kid-friendliness desired in the kitchen. For adults, 15 inches above the countertop level is a good microwave height. For kids, a below-countertop setup might be safer and more suitable.

Include Great Lighting To Complement The Space

Great lighting is key to the success of your finished basement. Recessed or track lighting provides great overall light, while accent lighting and area lamps can provide a warmer, cozier feel. Your lighting requirements will largely depend on what is being designed, but the wrong lighting can make use of the room difficult, if not downright intolerable (like glare on your brand-new flat screen or projector television).

Remember To Include Storage Areas

Most basements are the go-to storage area in the home, so why not built in attractive and versatile storage that complements the remodeled area. Closets, built-in entertainment units and shelving will add a lot to the form and function of a room when incorporated into the remodel design.

Whether it’s a playroom for the kids, man-cave, home office or family room/den, these tips will help to ensure that your remodeled finished basement is exactly what you want and need! Antom Remodeling has experience finishing basements for home theaters, family areas, in-law suites, craft rooms and more. Contact us for a free consult today. In our initial meeting, we will go over all the options available to you that fit your space and budget.

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